Household Super Clean 1pcs

Household Super Clean 1pcs

Household Super Clean 1pcs

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  • Product of UK
  • Remove tough stain 
  • Remove marks on tiles 
  • Great  tool for kitchen cleaning
  • Brightens up  cookware, sport rim
  • Anti – mist  mirror
  • No harmful ingredients

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Clean ,remove dust and anti -mist .Brighten stainless steel products as fresh. Remove stain of burned , scorch,smoke .
Work great on ceramic or porcelain ~ toilet ,bathtub , car ~ sport rim , mirror ~ anti mist .

The benefits of SUPER CLEAN tried and trusted cleaning power leaving behind a sparkling finish. An amazing paste that removes grease and hard-to-shift stains from virtually any surface in the home.

Cleans all types of ovens, cookware and ceramic hobs. Gives a mirror-finish to stainless steel; removes marks from sinks and enamel or cast iron baths; also excellent on plastic garden furniture.Despite its capabilities, it contains no harmful ingredients.
Even in these days of in-car air-conditioning, misted glass can still cause problems for drivers. Get into a dry vehicle when wearing rain-soaked clothes, and condensation will soon be blocking your view. What’s more, even the most efficient air-con and screen heater systems will take a few frustrating minutes to shift the mist before you can safely drive off.
For fast getaways, anti-mists are difficult to beat. These SUPER CLEAN make the glass super-smooth so you can still see through it. And, once you have applied the anti-mist, it ensures that whatever condensation is left on the screen evaporates much more quickly than it otherwise would.



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